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evil dead the musical

OMG!!!! EVil Dead The Musical, is by far my favorite cult show ever!!!!!!! i took mike for his birthday and we laughed, and we giggled, and we got completely wet sticky and gross. we sat in the splatter zone and we got splattered allllll over with blood... THEY sang, they danced, they made bad jokes, they turned into deadite zombies, they killed each other, they threw blood everywhere. It was so much fun, i wanna see it like a hundred more times. it was rude, lewd, crude and bloody. it doesnt get any better. Rocky horror eat your heart out, i vote this a better show. they did such a great job, the acting was amazing the singing was perfect, the dance routines was hysterical, the set was right on. we walked through the city and the subway and everyone gave us strange looks and avoided us, the subway was dead ass quiet once we sat down, even the cops in penn station stared us up and down. mike was totally soaked with the watery blood.. like to the bone, shivering from the cold... i got the wet stuff and the sticky goo, the sticky goo was uber stickey and red like staining my forehead and hands and all in my hair. it was sooooo mmuucchhhh fffuuuuunnnnn...

on a much different note... today im going to the wake for my friend Gio. Giovanni Romanelli, the owner of Smokin Bike Works in shirley. he had an unfortunate accident on Halloween. he just turned 30, and was a Super Hardworking, determined guy. he blew me off for appointments all the time because he needed to be at work to be on top of things, he truely was a great guy and i really liked him. i feel like my soul has known him much longer then the reality. Always surviving but not a survivor, Gio will definitley be remembered.
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