apoptygmabzrk (apoptygmabzrk) wrote,

hi *edited for JP* And JP and Maniak are the best...

hi everyone,no i didnt fall off the earth i was just mearly lost for awhile...i went to an amazing covenant show tonight in a ghetto warehouse. it was amazing, lets here it for the dark arts...i am a huge music nerd, but i love covenant more then i love my own little world..covenant makes everything go away. i stand alone. and im totally ok with that, i am my own self motivated go get em kinda person. when im not having major monophobia anxiety. and i do know tons of people, just none of them are actually like hang out friends. covenant rocks my world totally inside and out. ok im out.night
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So I'm not a hang out friend anymore? :*(
yes you are. you hang out. and you even call me... bonus points for you.
you should edit this to say AND JP IS THE BEST or something

cuz if we arent hangout friends, then what do our sundays mean? lol